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Why CFO On-Visit?

More Efficient CFOs

A part time/or Interim /or  On- Visit CFO means: you will have better information on which to base your important decisions; you will have a trusted and skilled advisor to help you make those decisions; and, you will have more time to spend growing your business.

Honesty and Trust

A part time CFO means that this key role is held by someone who is focused on you hearing what you need to hear. He has no competing agenda. He is not guarded in his comments. He is not concerned about losing his only source of income. He has other clients. He is a professional consultant who just happens to have an intimate understanding of your company.

Quality vs. Quantity

You definitely want your company to have financial management that is experienced, skilled, insightful, and able to see the big picture. That kind of talent is expensive. But think about it. Your company does not need access to that kind of talent every day. An Interim/ or part time, CFO –on- visit means you can have the quality talent you want at a fraction of the cost.

Worry free Mind

How many sleepless nights and other waking hours do you spend wondering if: your financial reporting is accurate; your financial staff is doing what they should; their analysis is giving you the best perspective on your operations; they are missing something? A CFO on visit or Part time CFO Consultant means you can sleep at night knowing your company’s financial functions are well managed and providing you the information you need.